Table 4.

Fields and Discoveries in Fold Belt Province, Northern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico

Field NumberField NameLocation AbbreviationDiscovery YearWater Depth (ft [m])OperatorStatusOnstreamProduction TypeAge of ReservoirTrap Type(s)
201SilvertipAC 81520049356 (2852)ShellProducing2010SSOligoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
202Great WhiteAC 85720028009 (2441)ShellProducing2010SPARl. Paleocene–e. Eocene, OligoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
203TobagoAC 85920049636 (2937)ShellProducing2011SSl. Paleocene–e. Eocene, OligoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
204MerganserAT 3720027900 (2408)AnadarkoAbandoned, 20142007SSl. MioceneThree-way closure against flank of salt
205Bass LiteAT 42620016623 (2019)ApacheProducing2008SSl. PleistoceneThree-way closure against salt–fault–stratigraphic
206NeptuneAT 57519956162 (1878)BHPProducing2008TLPe.–m. MioceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
207ShenziGC 65420024400 (1341)BHPProducing2009TLPe. MioceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
208AtlantisGC 69919986133 (1869)BPProducing2007Semie.–m. MioceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
209ParmerGC 82320044130 (1259)StoneAppraisalProjected 2016FPSe.–m. MioceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
210Mad DogGC 82619994400 (1341)BPProducing2005SPARe.–m. MioceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
211QMC 96120057925 (2415)StatoilAbandoned, 20102007SSm. MioceneThree-way closure against fault
212CascadeWR 20620028203 (2500)PetrobrasProducing2012FPSOl. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
213ChinookWR 46920038826 (2690)PetrobrasProducing2012SSl. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
214ExploratusMexico20148488 (2587)PemexAppraisall. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
215MaximinoMexico20129574 (2918)PemexAppraisall. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
216Maximino DLMexico20149984 (3043)PemexAppraisall. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
217SupremusMexico20139426 (2873)PemexAppraisalOligoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
218Trion*Mexico20128304 (2531)PemexAppraisall. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
219CratosMexico20159213 (2808)PemexAppraisall. Paleocene–e. EoceneFour-way closure (contractional fold)
  • Locations of fields are shown in Figures 5, 10, and 11.

  • Location abbreviations: AC = Alaminos Canyon; AT = Atwater Valley; GC = Green Canyon; MC = Mississippi Canyon; WR = Walker Ridge. Production type abbreviations: FPS = floating production storage; FPSO = floating production storage offloading; Semi = semisubmersible; SS = subsea tieback; TLP = tension leg platform. Age of reservoir abbreviations: e. = early; l. = late; m. = middle.

  • * The Trion discovery is not technically in the Fold Belt province (see Figure 18), but it is included here because of its proximity.